“FutureYou Fest” Youth Day Celebration With A Difference

I Represent South Africa Organisation – Update

Published 03 June 2019

By Claudia Dhludhlu


 I Rep.Za – FutureYou Youth Fest” Celebrating Youth Day With A Difference


I Represent South Africa is a nation building and branding organization, that aims to introduce South Africas to new sentiments needed to uphold the integrity of the country, not through government bodies, or structures but through the sentiments, cultures and patriotism of the everyday South Africans. As an organisation we have decided to put a twist on this year’s youth day celebration by creating the first  annual FutureYou Youth Festival on the 14th and 15th of June. We urge and encourage the youth to participate and join us to experience black excellence in entrepreneurship.

With the influx of youth unemployment statistics plaguing the country, it is highly advisable and of solid sense that other avenues of income streams are looked at as a way of curbing this challenge and propelling South Africa into the fourth industrial revolution. IRepZa in partnership with various industry leaders, is doing it’s part by celebrating Youth Month differently by showcasing not only entrepreneurs who are paving the way for new business innovations but also bringing together an exhibition of black ambition and excellence.


This two day event will begin on the 14th of June with the iRepZA Future You Youth Seminar with some iconic industry greats such as Chef Benny sharing their wisdom on how to create your own business legacy.


The second day is the iRepZA Future You Youth Festival which will be an exhibition market showcasing a wide range of products and services created, manufactured and produced solely by black owned businesses who are breaking the mound and carving out the future of their imagine. The Youth Fest will be accompanied by music and creative arts performances by various local artists and creative arts groups.



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