National Lottery Commission – Signs Mou with The National House of Traditional leaders

The National Lottery Commission is today hosting the National House of Traditional healers today in the city of Polokwane to enter into a new and said to be, fruitful relationship.

Media Briefing – Mou Between the NLC & NHTL

Chief operating Officer Mr Philemon Letwaba opened the ceremony by welcoming and honoring their royal guests and stakeholders and continued to stipulate and give insight on the new focal point of the funding by the National Lotteries Commission.

“We have decided to be biased in terms of our funding and strictly focus on rural areas” – Philemon Letwaba.

He went on to mention that 70% of the monies that have been provided by the Organisation has not benefited those in need or those that are in rural areas but rather benefited those that are well off, which defeats the purpose of changing peoples lives.

It has been brought to the attention of the attendees that the NLC has previously had an MOU with the National House of Traditional Leaders therefore the organization has seen it fit to revisit and renter into the proposed agreement.

COO of the National Lotteries Board – Mr Philemon Letwaba
Chairperson of the National Lotteries Commission- Professor Alfred Nevhutanda

The event was graced by the presence of the likes of Proffesor Alfred Nevhutanda, Kgosi Mahlangu, Thabang Mampane and Albert Sithole amongst many other board members and stakeholders.

Speaking to the guests Proffesor Nevhutanda firmly stated his discomfort with labeling the members of the NHTL as traditional leaders.

” I don’t like to use the term “Traditional” when addressing or referring to our royal leaders”

These people are our royal leaders which is a respectable position and one which does not require vote or lobbying! Even upon lobbying if you are not of lineage, it is not possible.On no occasion will you witness the people of England, referring to Queen Elizabeth or any of the royal family members as a traditional leader.

Today is a good day for myself and the board of the National Lotteries Commission, lead by the commissioner Thabang Mampane and we are proud to be engaging on this relationship with the National House of Traditional Healers.

I met Nkosi Mahlangu and he started challenged me by asking what the purpose of the paper we have signed is, but we are not seeing anything, but because he is shorter than me I looked at him and said no don’t worry we will make it happen one day.

I must say I thank him for pushing for that to happen said Proffesor Nevhutanda.

After a few addresses by the board and members of the National House of Traditional leaders, the signing of the Mou commenced and the inception of a hopefully fruitful relationship between the National Lotteries Commission and The National House of Traditional healers was officially formed in a sophisticated ceremony.

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More updates to follow.

Story by: Precious Mlebuka

Update South Africa

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