Renowned SA Artist Gino Brown Does it Again With Brand New Single Ft. Bra Vince … Shay’iNumber

Popular, young, fierce and undeniably talented are only a select few of the words that can be used to describe this music sensation. The well known and loved South African musician & producer Gino Brown has released yet another hit single titled Shayi’Number which is a (Zulu term) used as an emphasis to describe the passion, vibe, enjoyment and happiness in which the song that the artist has produced brings to the people.

The song is due to be officially released on May 16 2018 and will be available for download on many popular music platforms such as iTunes.

Gino Brown has produced prior to this many other hit songs which have made an impact across the continent by maintaining top spot for consecutive weeks on many major radio stations and television programs. He has released songs such as Ta latuu Feat Xiao Llu and “Heaven Can Wait” featuring well known artist Zano.

Gino Brown – the affirmed lover of music, South African DJ, music producer, songwriter and actor has been described as jovial and creative by his peers. The eager beaver discovered his ablaze passion for music as early as the 9th grade.

Having released amongst many others, a hit single “Body Language” which went on South African radio stations and infiltrated Africa as the African night life anthem.


• Apart from penetrating the radio stations, the hit single received recognition as numero uno on MTV Base for 4 consecutive weeks. In Africa, the single has been number one on Nigeria radio stations amongst which is The Beat FM, Paradise FM and Niger 102 FM and play listed in Ghana on YFM and radio stations in Uganda. “Body Language” went further to Top 20 in Africa on Trace TV and Channel O. His career highlights include: nomination for the Metro FM Awards, Big Brother Africa and LIVE Amp performances.

This leaves many Africans with a sense of excitement and anticipation for the release of this new single. Given his track record, Gino Brown never disappoints.This is how everyday citizens have responded to the trail run of the single prior to its release.

See Video below:

• In 2015 Gino Brown was the first South African artist to perform at the prestigious Gidi culture fest held in Lagos Nigeria. The festival is dubbed the biggest beach party in Africa. Gino performed alongside great artists across Africa, such as the legendary Congolese artist Awilo, Kenyan singing sensation Victoria Kimani,Vanessa Mdee from Tanzania and Burna Boy.

• Inspired by the likes of Black Coffee, the beaver aspires to infuse the music industry by simply revealing to the world who Gino Brown is.

People have indicated in their numbers, a grave anticipation for this young artists album and seem to look forward to hearing many more from Gino Brown. We look forward to as a nation, seeing his career grow beyond what it currently is and gaining international footprint. It really is of great pleasure to live in a time where we can witness such great South African groomed talent.

The new single is available for download on the following platforms for a short period prior its availability on many other major music platforms.

Find link:


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